JD Edwards is intended to enhance the execution of your business through its characteristic adaptability and profound usefulness; however it requires right analysis, expertise, planning and robust execution methodology to get the true potential of top tier ERP like JD Edwards

TechJDE has been leading firm which brings inside out learning and experience required for the JD Edwards arrangement set. Our demonstrated JD Edwards overhaul technique has been tried and refined over years of update ventures for various organizations.

Try TechJDE permanence to boost their JD Edwards speculation with:

  • Rapid upgrade methodology
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Carefully managed scope
  • Minimized risks
  • Resource management (customized)

With the ever-increasing competition across the spectrum, it is not only critical to stay on pace with industry standards but also use the advanced features for additional edge.

Consider TechJDE partnership for laying out the facts and use the enhanced value derived from our expertise for the top-level presentations. We help you get the buy in with right details and visual insights in order to secure preposition. Our independent and honest analysisconsists of key parameters which focus on

  • Assessing the Cost of Upgrading
  • Building the Business Case
  • Upgrade Challenges
  • User experience and productivity improvements
  • Anticipating the additional needs

TechJDE has partnered with Oracle and adopted the best practices for successful, effective, and meaningful result-oriented transformation. Experience TechJDE advantage with rapid upgrade methodology carefully designed through learnings from years of success, refined from the rich experience across the industries and penned down by the most demanding skilled resources.

TechJDE provides the flexibility to offer the upgrades as managed services as well hybrid model for the solid planning and on-time delivery. TechJDE offers array of industry leading consultants and top notch managers eager to deliver values.

TechJDE has solid frameworks and project governance models in the upgrade landscape which drives success using

  • Business driven approach
  • Technology driven initiates

Data Migration is extremely critical to ERP's success. TechJDE has huge set of tools and techniques for accurate ERP Data migration. As a Gold Oracle partner, we strive to use the right Extract, Transform and Load features and adhere to organization data governance.

Whether the business driver is firm's move from on-premises infrastructure and applications to cloud-based storage and applications to optimize or transform their company or from legacy conventional system to upgraded on-premise implementation, TechJDE has varied set of resources with mix of skills to steer this critical task

Our clientele includes various models including:

  • Storage Migration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Application Migration

With the latest trend alignment towards the cloud faster than ever before, cloud adaption has been precedence for the number of industries to ensure not only business continuity but also the bleeding edge technologies.Also the technological evolution of 2020s likely to be focussed on adapting and improvising the cloud services, shift towards data driven cloud business management is being unfolded.

TechJDE brings revolutionary model with less dependence on existing business and IT teams by focussing on extracting more value from less interactions while keeping the productivity high thanks to rich set of use cases across various industries. With our key associations and our responsibility regarding the very customized benefit, we give open/private/half and half cloud arrangements that give arrangements our client's needs. Our data canters empower the business most developed cloud foundation with various choices to meet the most requesting necessities. Our cloud administrations give a safe, facilitated condition perfect for figuring execution and dexterity. TechJDE use advances from VMware, Prophet with some ensured specialists who can outline and actualize a fruitful procedure, redid for your association. We can give a full-benefit arrangement from a foundation, system, and security administrations.

As an expansion of your association, we give remarkable help, proactive administration, top-notch reaction times, and industry learning to enhance your condition. TechJDE offers a scope of administrations worked around ERP and innovation establishment ranges of abilities, including remote 24*7 help, innovation incorporation usage, streamlining, establishment and design, redesigns, movements, preparing, security, and general on-going upkeep and administration bolster.

Hybrid and on-premise systems growing popularity, choosing between a public, private or hybrid cloud environment has proved challenging for some organizations. Each rounds of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to flexibility, performance, security and compliance. But as cloud ecosystems have matured, many have found there is no magic for one solution fit all solutions on the shelves. Hybrid or multi-cloud environments where users choose the individual elements of service provider offerings that suits their needs leading to a situation where those providers have begun to reassess their models of delivery.

There will also be a growing demand for bare cloud space, raw storage, and computing power where businesses can simply lift and shift the existing systems into the cloud without having to adapt them to run on pre-installed software or services. The need to consolidate these user requirements will be a driving behind the direction in which cloud services evolve.

TechJDEstrongly emphasize the strength of this model in todays landscape for not only SMEs but also larger enterprises. The constant innovation of cloud technologies also brought associated complexities with it, thus making Hybrid model stand out with best of both the worlds.

TechJDE team has certified team of professionals which would ensure not only the advantage of the integrated modules but also it's adoption on the cloud with tight security on the appropriate granularities thus giving all the controls to your IT Team for ease of continuous system monitoring and fluid user experience.

Multi-technology approaches will lead to a breakdown of barriers between providers. Currently the big providers take something of a world green approach to the services and their business model has involved promoting their platforms as one stop solutions covering all of an organization cloud data and computing requirements. In practice however industries increasingly turn into hybrid or multi cloud environment with requirements for infrastructure to be deployed across multiple models. This also means that there are growing calls for the big providers to create bridges between their platforms however it is contrary to their business model which are reliant on ability to observe greater cloud capacity as well as additional services as their customers scale.

Adopting a more collaborative approach does not just enable customers to take greater advantage of the fast-growing multi-cloud trend though it will also benefit organizations needing to share data and assess their partners in their supply chain which may all be working across diverse platforms and data standards.

TechJDE partnership ensures all the necessary foundation is intact, secured, and accurate along with functioning pillars of smooth business processes, data mapping and multi-system reporting.

Thanks to our huge arsenal of use cases of on-demand ecosystems and various success stories, we continue to get better and faster at TechJDE. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know the key innovations in this field from our teams and customers.

EnterpriseOne Pages (E1 Pages) provides a framework to display and arrange content and information in a modern and attractive manner and can transform and transition the end user experience while allowing for personalization to meet individual needs.

Customers should embrace the consumerization of IT and the user interface navigation and information benefits of E1 Pages.

TechJDE team of expert functional consultants can provide training, industry-specific advice, and guidance on E1 Page creation while our Technical Consultants (CNC) can configure, train and manage the technical setup and change management associated with these technologies.

We live in an application economy. One characterized by creative applications, portability, and the Web of Things. One in which each business is turning into a product-driven business. Your ERP applications were not worked for this period. They are on-introduced and unfit to adapt to the pace of progress.

Internet of things ("IoT") is right now the subject that moves the innovation world. With the fast improvement of new remote innovations and propelled information investigation abilities tremendously developing of smart gadgets associated with the Internet by various advances. The Internet of Things touches for example, the observing and security of structures, bundles, vehicles, and the full scope of estimation gadgets, following creatures, air quality checking, supervision road lights, movement lights and sewage frameworks, administration of parking spots, and so forth.

The phenomenon of the Internet of Things not only allows the collection of date from places previously unavailable (e.g. from places without a steady source of electricity or low-cost sensors from places where it was financially impractical), locally evaluate the data and set basic reactions and warnings, but also remotely control devices and on the basis of central data analysis to predict behaviour, creating models from various input data, and remotely access the collected data via mobile or internet applications.

With the advent of recent developments, our lives have been reshaped. Research and Development in the technology space are likely to continue to lead to new breakthroughs in data centers speed and efficiency.

We have noticed quite a dynamic shift with newer technologies being more flexible enabling users to deploy their cloud tools and technologies across the existing on-premises networks.

With the recent changes, industry has registered increasing number of different platforms and approaches within organizations, thus paving the way for the public content while storing and processing customers data and other controlled information via private or on-premises solutions.

TechJDE takes a holistic design into considerations ensuring overall stability of design, adapting advanced functionalities, enhanced user experience and adherence to the standards by implying tight governance, which is manageable, scalable and upgradable.

During a time of computerized business, most organizations run their operations on numerous frameworks and applications. To get the most incentive from these innovation ventures, consistent mixes are key.

To take care of this demand and enable you to expand your speculation, TechJDE offers a wide and separated incorporation stage that tends to a full range of coordination needs-to other Prophet applications, outsider arrangements, and Prophet Cloud applications.

TechJDE integration platform consists of four constraints:

  • Seamless ERP business process flows
  • A powerful integration framework
  • A modern architecture
  • Connecting to the cloud

The combination stage is a key asset that TechJDE offers to enable clients to pick up the most incentive from their innovation ventures. TechJDE gives a scope of innovation decisions to give clients the adaptability to take care of their business issues in the most practical way. Also, numerous Prophet accomplices give approved arrangements that have been verified to work with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne combinations.

Competitions are utilizing their rising benefits and making key speculations that will give them an enduring edge when the economy comes back to full wellbeing.

You can do in like manner by making genuine efficiency changes over your association. Outstanding amongst other approaches to do that is to actualize JD Edwards ERP suite of uses or to redesign the one you are as of now utilizing. Consider it: by making only one interest in your business programming today, you can set up your organization to work with more noteworthy productivity as you scale up your creation and income throughout the following 5 to 10 years of strong financial action.

If you are not commonplace, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers more than 80 application modules to robotize all parts of your business.

By actualizing or redesigning a JD Edwards arrangement, you can:

  • Streamline your month to month close.
  • Increase the consistency of the money related information you use for basic leadership.
  • Improve the precision of your generation arranging.
  • Accelerate your conveyance times with a specific end goal to shipment.
  • Decrease your ozone depleting substance emanations.

Also, finish pretty much whatever else you have been significance to complete before the following monetary blast.ERP usage is vast, complex and requires solid task arranging, venture administration, process, specialized and change administration.

TechJDE best practices based execution procedure is intended to accomplish effective JD Edwards ERP usage by concentrating on and conveying to partner objectives and desires.

We dole out the undertaking toxic on the real applications being actualized while thinking about your vertical arrangement. Your business necessities are inspected so we can fabricate groups around them and give you an aggregate arrangement that productively and adequately uses all assets. The task supervisor will then create and keep up the timetables and design, oversee and push for opportune issue determination, ceaselessly impart the undertaking status to the gatherings included and keep the whole group focused- all to direct the whole procedure and convey a convenient, quality usage.

Under the bearing of our first-rate venture drives, you will discover a portion of the business' best application experts. They are demonstrated, experienced experts not just in their insight into JD Edwards programming, yet in different ventures of business also. Our specialists have either worked with or executed these arrangements in their ventures before getting to be experts and can relate to and comprehend being the client on a task.

Join this information and involvement with their capacity to viably impart it to your group and you have a profitable asset and element for a fruitful execution. So, whether they are a colleague of a Genuine Clearness dealt with an undertaking or filling in as an asset nearby another Prophet or accomplice drove venture, our advisors can be depended upon to bring a high calibre, learned and moral counselling administrations to your usage.

JDE Folks is concierge support not self-service support offered by Oracle.

At Oracle, a critical service request can sit in an automation 'hold' pattern for up to 7 days and never be assigned to an engineer. Waiting for you to upload multiple files or logs that may not even be relevant to your issues.

Oracle's published SLAs only apply to the initial response due time requirements. After the initial response is met, it may be days or weeks before you hear back from your assigned support engineer.

Oracle's global service request handoffs drive little to no issue ownership and resolution.

TechJDE assigns a Named Account Support Lead (ASL) to serve as the single business/commercial point of contact, beginning with the onboarding process and continuing throughout the life of the contract. You will be working on a regular basis with a dedicated team of support engineers that know your environments and your personal preferences.

Full support for modifications. TechJDE will troubleshoot and support your custom code along with developing new customizations to meet your future business needs.

You need to understand the benefits of TechJDE Archive*. TechJDE creates for you, an archive of upgrades and patches supplied to you by Oracle prior to the end of your support contract. As a separate work stream during the onboarding process, we perform the archiving process for you. Your archiving team works in concert with the dedicated customer support team during onboarding to ensure you have all fix packs available for future need and help ensure that your archive only contains what you're legally entitled to retain.

TechJDE gives thorough outsider help answers for Prophet's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World Programming ERP. We offer JD Edwards clients, paying little mind to discharge, the chance to subscribe to master specialized (CNC - Configurable Network Computing) and application 'helpdesk' bolster.

JD Edwards Releases Supported by TechJDE

TechJDE delivers support for the full range of JD Edwards applications and releases, including theolder World Software. We offer different options for JDE support and will tailor our offerings to meet your needs. The three categories of support we offer are:

1. JDE Support Service

Perfect for organizations that do not have in-house IT bolster. We offer full specialized administration for your application foundation, and everyday administration and end-client bolster.

2. Complementary

Relieve the pressure on your internal IT team and allow them to focus on driving the business forward. This support service is specifically designed to complement your existing team to provide management, maintenance, and support of your software applications so they do not have to. We will integrate fully with your team and provide professional and expert support for your software applications.

We offer a membership-based estimating model which gives you quick, moderate access to our talented assets. 'Pay as you Go' bolster, for any of our answers, is charged per half hour or you can open a 'Paid ahead of time' account and pre-pay for eight hours of help.

We work with both large and small customers and have built our business by developing a highly personalized approach where our team forms part of your team and where our performance is guaranteed by a strong, easy to understand, Service Level Agreements (SLA).